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Robot Gripper ONE
  • Robot Gripper ONE

    The robot Gripper module is designed and produced by Avena Robotics. The gripper is full size, 10cm wide professional grasping device. Can be mounted to any robot arm via ISO 9409-1-63-4 connection. It works on Dynamixel XL430 Serie 12V motor with integrated microcontroller or Feetech SM45BL strong 24V servo.


    It can be used in various ‘pick and place’ works. The motor can be easily controlled with the Software drivers and libraries like: ROS, Python, C++.

    Gripper ONE Module was manufactured using precision machine tools using the strong 7075 aluminum alloys and steel.


    Product Highlights

    • Offers a large 3.94" (10 cm) clamping range
    • Made of lightweight and strong aluminum 7075 alloys material
    • Can grip items up to 5 kg (11 lbs)
    • Full open/close action time less than 1s
    • Low Weight 800 g (1.7 lbs)
    • Build in Encoder
    • Input voltage 12 or 24 [V] (2 options)
    • 3 motor options: Dynamixel XL430-250-T or Dynamixel XM430-W210-T or Feetech SM45BL
    • Torque sensor through current sensor


    Applications of Gripper Module:

    • DIY projects requiring Robot Gripper Module.
    • Pick and Place Robot
    • Tactical robots
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