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Innovation and


of robot technology

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Robot modules

Grippers, arms, tactiles, vison systems

About AVENA Robotics

Innovation in robotics

We are building a robot

Avena Robotics is an innovative startup that develops technologies necessary to build a modern robot. The project is financed by the National Center for Research and Development and is planned for several years.
The key features of the robot being built are a two-handed system of specialized manipulators with touch sensors and a spatial imaging system. Originally, the target group of recipients of the device was defined as small catering establishments, i.e. a two-armed robot acting as a kitchen assistant is to be able to prepare meals with the ability to grasp products, tools and dishes and with the ability to detect objects in its working area.
Our team independently deals with each stage of the project implementation. We construct mechanical, electrical and electronic elements and thanks to the park of modern digital machine tools and 3D printers, we are able to prototype and produce our own details. Our programmers department develops software that supports motor controllers and the processes of grabbing and moving the robot arms. The vision department develops advanced technologies that allow the detection and recognition of objects used by the robot, using 3D cameras and machine learning.

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Innovation in robotics

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